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::February 9, 2018
Scores for the December 2017 Part III CSE® and ISE examinations have been posted online.
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::January 22, 2018
The 2019 Exam Schedule is now available.
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::January 12, 2018
Scores for the November 2017 Part III CSE® and ISE examinations have been posted online.
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::December 18, 2017
Registration for the April 2018 Part II PAM & TMOD® examination is now available.

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::December 6, 2017
Scores for the October 2017 Part III CSE® and ISE examinations have been posted online.
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::November 8, 2017
Scores for the September 2017 Part III CSE® and ISE examinations have been posted online.
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::October 19, 2017
Registration for the June 2018 ACMO® examination is now available.

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::October 6, 2017
Scores for the August 2017 Part III CSE® and ISE examinations have been posted online.
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::October 3, 2017
Scores for the September 2017 CPDO® examination have been posted online.
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::September 29, 2017
Scores for the August 2017 Part I ABS® examination have been posted online.
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::September 25, 2017
Registration for the March 2018 CPDO® examination is now available.
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::September 8, 2017
Scores for the July 2017 Part III CSE® and ISE examinations have been posted online.
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::August 15, 2017
Registration for the March 2018 Part I ABS® examination is now available.

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::June 30, 2017
2017-2018 Candidate Evaluation Forms and Guide are now available online.
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::June 30 , 2017
CSE® and ISE Orientation Videos for 2017-2018 have been posted online.
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::June 15, 2017
The 2018 Exam Calendar is now available to view online.
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National Board of Examiners in Optometry

Mission Statement: To serve the public and the profession of optometry by developing, administering, scoring, and reporting results of valid examinations that assess competence.

Established in 1951, the NBEO® is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization whose examinations are universally accepted for optometric licensure in the United States and accepted internationally.

The NBEO® website was designed to provide comprehensive information about the National Board's examinations. Its purpose is to help answer your questions and to assist you in learning about and preparing for your licensing and self-assessment examinations. We urge you to carefully study the information on this website.

Class of 2019 Part III and ISE Registration Now Available

Part III CSE® and ISE registration for the Class of 2019 is now available.

To begin registration click here.

April 3, 2018 Part II (PAM) and TMOD Registration Extension

Registration for April 3, 2018 Part II (PAM) and TMOD has been extended to 2/16/2018.

Extended registration (400.00 late fee added) will begin 2/17/2018 with the Part II (PAM)/ TMOD registration closing 3/9/2018.


For those Candidates wishing to take the ISE and CSE on the same day, please look at the ISE schedule first. Dates on which ISE is listed with 8 slots means that the morning is reserved for CSE testing for those candidates who wish to take ISE and CSE on the same day.

  1. Register for ISE.
  2. Register for any future CSE date.
  3. Please email us at with your OE tracker number and state that you wish to take CSE on the same day as the date you registered for ISE.
  4. You will receive an email notification that your CSE date has been rescheduled to the same day as your ISE.
If you withdraw from ISE you will be automatically withdrawn from the same-day CSE.


You do not have to contact us if you wish to take CSE and ISE on different days. Please check the CSE schedule for availability prior to registering for ISE.

August 2018 - July 2019 Administration Part III
Clinical Skills Examination (CSE®)

The Tentative Evaluation Forms for Part III being administered August 1, 2018-July 30, 2019 will be online no later than January 15, 2018. These forms are meant to provide candidates provisional guidance on what to expect for the upcoming administration of the Part III exam and are subject to change. Please note that the Injections Skill Examination will no longer be embedded within the Part III exam for exam dates beginning August 1, 2018. Therefore, you will need to register separately to take the Injections Skill Exam.

A new standard setting will be performed for the Part III, Clinical Skills Examination this year. Therefore, the reporting of scores will be initially delayed. The anticipation is that August and September 2018 scores will be available no later than December 2018.

The Candidate Guide, Orientation, Equipment & Supply Lists for the 2019 Administration of Part III should be available by June 1, 2018.

NBEO® announces upcoming changes to the Part III
Clinical Skills Examination (CSE®) beginning August 1, 2018.

Charlotte, NC, October 30, 2017 - The National Board of Examiners in Optometry® will make changes to its Part III Clinical Skills Examination (CSE®), effective August 1, 2018. The examination will include the following additions:

  • Clinical Decision Making
  • Cranial Nerve Assessment
  • Amsler Grid Testing
  • Undilated 90D Exam

Also, the Injections Skills Examination will only be offered as a stand-alone examination, also effective August 1, 2018. The NBEO® will work closely with candidates who wish to take the Part III CSE® and the Injections Skills Examination in a single visit to Charlotte, NC.

To ensure the most up-to-date, comprehensive, contemporary optometric examinations are used by the profession, NBEO® constantly reviews content, examination components, and clinical skills as part of its ongoing pledge to public protection and the profession of optometry. This review involves discussions with a wide range of individuals, optometric organizations, and stakeholders.

"We believe these changes are appropriate," said Jill Martinson-Redekopp, OD, NBEO® President. "After consultation with ARBO, ASCO, and their individual members, it became apparent that this was the ideal opportunity to contemporize the 2018-2019 Part III CSE® exam with these updates."

More information will be available on the NBEO® website at after January 1, 2018.

Jill Bryant, OD
Appointed as Interim Executive Director

The Board of Directors of the National Board of Examiners in Optometry is pleased to announce S. Jill Bryant, OD has been appointed to the position of Interim Executive Director of the organization. Dr. Bryant has served as Chief Operation Officer of the NBEO® since August 2015.

Dr. Bryant came to the NBEO® after serving as Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of Contact Lens service at Duke University from 2006 --2015. Dr. Bryant has also served as a Clinical Examiner for the NBEO® Part III examination and as a member of the Continuing Professional Development in Optometry (CPDO®) examination development Committee and Council. In addition, she has served as Assistant Chief Clinical Examiner of the North Carolina Board of Optometry.

"Dr. Bryant has shown exemplary performance in her previous roles within the NBEO® and we know she will continue to provide valuable assistance to the Board of Directors during this transitional period." said NBEO® Board of Directors President Dr. Jill Martinson-Redekopp. The NBEO® Board of Directors will be conducting a nationwide search to fill the permanent leadership position from the recent retirement of Dr. Jack Terry. Plans for the search process will be announced to the profession within the next few months.

Jack E. Terry, MS, OD, PhD
Announcement of Retirement as NBEO® CEO

Charlotte, NC, April 1, 2017 / Dr. Jill Martinson-Redekopp, NBEO® President, announced that Dr. Jack E. Terry, Chief Executive Officer, has retired from the National Board of Examiners in Optometry after serving for the past 12 years. Throughout this period, Dr. Terry guided the National Board through a major examination restructure involving Part I ABS®, Part II PAM®, and Part III CSE®. Following the Board of Directors' decision to update its exams, Dr. Terry oversaw the conversion from paper-and-pencil Parts I and II examinations to state-of-the-art computer-based assessments. He developed and implemented the NBEO® Ethics Program. In addition, Jack collaborated with the Board to create and construct the National Center of Clinical Skills Testing and to implement the revamped Part III CSE®.

Please click here for full Press Release article.

LASER and Surgical Procedures Examination Coming Soon!

Development of the LASER and Surgical Procedures Exam (LSPE) is well underway. This examination is designed to serve as a tool in the credentialing process of any state board that wishes to assess optometric knowledge and skills in certain LASER and surgical procedures. You may review the LSPE Skills shown in the video below.

Graduating Class of 2017

GRADUATING STUDENTS: Upon verification of graduation from the attending school/college and passage of all required Parts, the National Board will release a free cumulative score report to you and the state boards you selected during your registration process. The scores are released to the State Board(s) electronically in order for the information to be retrieved. When contacting a state board, please have your OE Tracker number available. You may review and/or update your release selection by reviewing your profile.

Everyone associated with the National Board extends their best wishes for your success on the National Board examinations and in your practice of optometry. If you have any questions regarding the examinations or their requirements, please feel free to contact the National Board.

Facebook and Twitter Notice

The NBEO® is aware of a Facebook and Twitter account posing as the NBEO®. These sites are posting information regarding the NBEO® Part I ABS® Examination. Please be aware that this is NOT information from the NBEO®. Any information on sites other than the NBEO® website or our true Facebook page should be used with caution as to its accuracy.

Part I - ABS® Tutorial Now Available for Download

The tutorial for the ABS® exam can be downloaded here. The tutorial includes a short (4-item) sample test. Due to variability in screen size and resolution, there will be minor differences in the appearance of the items, drug list, and calculator on the sample test compared to the actual exam. See the ABS® description for more details.

Note that the tutorial requires a Windows-based PC and is not available for Mac platforms.

Part II and TMOD® registration

Part II PAM® and TMOD® registration deadlines have been extended for the April 2017 administration. Please view the new registration deadline dates here.


Reports of identity theft and fraud among optometrists have created concern within the profession and at its educational and professional organizations. NBEO® undertook an investigation as to whether a security compromise of personal information within NBEO's care had occurred. A thorough forensic investigation into this issue has now been completed and found no evidence of a compromise of personal information within NBEO's care. Of course, regular monitoring of financial accounts and personal credit files for suspicious activity is advisable for us all. If you have experienced actual or suspected identity theft or fraud, you should immediately report it to law enforcement.

Nevada Online State Law Exam (OSLE®) Now Available

The Nevada OSLE® (Online State Law Exam) is now available to NV licensure candidates. Nevada law exam details can be found on the OSLE® webpage. To begin registration for this exam click here, or to begin taking the exam, scroll down to the bottom of this OSLE® webpage and click on 'Access My Exam.'

The Nevada optometry laws are available to examinees during the test. Laws are linked to the Nevada box on the OSLE® webpage. However, Nevada OSLE® candidates are encouraged to study and become familiar with the laws before initiating their tests so they are able to complete the exam within the 4-hour test time interval. If the exam screen times out within the 4 hours, candidates need only to return to the OSLE® webpage, scroll to the bottom, and again click on 'Access My Exam.' The test will resume in the same place as it was when it was paused.

It is also suggested that Nevada law exam test-takers take a few minutes to peruse the OSLE® information on the OSLE® webpage before starting their tests. Straightforward testing instructions are provided as the 100-item exam begins.

NBEO® Announces Item Ranges for Part I ABS® for 2017

The Exam Content Matrix shows the item ranges that will be used for the National Board's Part I ABS® exam for 2017. The 2017 exam will include 350 scored items and 20 pre-test items. The ranges shown in the table are for the 350 scored items.

The 2017 exam will be given in one day, and will consist of two 4-hour sessions. Because a total of 370 items will actually be administered (because of the inclusion of the 20 non-scored pre-test items), each session will consist of 185 items. Candidates will not know which items will be scored and which are pre-test.

From 2009-2016, the Part I ABS® exam consisted of 500 items, so the 350 scored items on the 2017 exam represents a 30% reduction in items. The item ranges for 2017 have been reduced 30% across all areas, so there is no difference in emphasis between the 2017 exam and prior ABS® exams.

The number of items on the ABS® exam is being reduced in conjunction with the exam switching from paper and pencil administration to computer administration in 2017. Along with the change to computer administration, the exam is being reduced from a 2-day exam to a 1-day exam.

Candidates should note that the items ranges for 2017 may change in 2018. The National Board recently completed a survey, also known as a job task analysis (JTA), of over 1,100 optometrists from across the country. The data from the JTA are currently being reviewed. The Board of Directors of the National Board will receive results from the JTA at its Annual Meeting in December, and will consider whether changes to the Part I item ranges are warranted in 2018 based on the results of the JTA.

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