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Written Exams (Part I, Part II, TMOD®, CPDO®, and ACMO®)

The item writers, case authors, examination committee members, and staff of the National Board devote a considerable amount of time to ensure that the examination items are written in a clear, direct, and straightforward manner, such that being "test-wise" is not an advantage and having "too much knowledge" is not a disadvantage. This website is designed to help candidates prepare for the examinations without the preoccupation of "psyching out" the test. Nonetheless, there are certain strategies of test taking that should be utilized by all candidates.

1. The examinations are timed tests.

2. There is no penalty for guessing on National Board exams. Therefore, candidates are advised to answer all items.

Part III - Clinical Skills

The Part III-Clinical Skills Examination is administered under time constraints in order to accommodate the hundreds of candidates who need to be evaluated. In preparing for this examination, the National Board recommends practice. This web site contains all of the evaluation forms that are used to assess candidate performance. Candidates may print and photocopy these forms and use them for practice. Practicing within the 30-minute station groupings with a variety of patients, or perhaps with other candidates, is recommended also.

Additional Information for Practitioners. Experienced practitioners taking this test section should give particular attention to its process (not product) orientation. Adherence to the protocol listed on the evaluation forms is strongly recommended, as this is an entry-level examination.

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