Today is:  January 24, 2020
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::January 24, 2020
Scores for the December 2019 Part II PAM® and TMOD® examinations have been posted online.
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::January 10, 2020
Scores for the November 2019 Part III CSE® and ISE® examinations have been posted online.
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::December 6, 2019
Scores for the October 2019 Part III CSE and ISE examinations have been posted online.
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::November 8, 2019
Scores for the September 2019 Part III CSE and ISE examinations have been posted online.
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Score Review Policy

As a precondition to taking any NBEO® examination, candidates agree to be bound by the outcome of the Score Review Policy. Candidates involved in any score review are responsible for completing any registration for future administrations by the registration deadline regardless of the temporarily unresolved status of their score review.

Computer Based Examinations: No Score Review

Part I ABS®, Part II PAM®, TMOD®, ACMO®, CPDO®, and the multiple-choice section of LSPE™ are computer-based and are not subject to score review. Any issues occurring during these examinations will be addressed in accordance with the NBEO Computer-Based Testing Policy, available here.

Clinical Skills Examinations: Score Review Policy

A candidate who receives an overall failing score on a NBEO skills-based examination may request a score review. A candidate who wishes to request a score review must do so by completing the secure web-based score review request form available here within 30 days of the date on which the score report is made available to the candidate on NBEO’s secure website. In connection with this request, the candidate must submit to NBEO the applicable scoring review fee. After the score review process is complete, NBEO will email the candidate a letter informing him/her of the outcome.

Score Review Fees

Part III CSE Video Review


ISE Video Review


LSPE Video Review


        -Laser section of LSPE


        -Surgical section of LSPE


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