Today is:  January 24, 2020
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::January 24, 2020
Scores for the December 2019 Part II PAM® and TMOD® examinations have been posted online.
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::January 10, 2020
Scores for the November 2019 Part III CSE® and ISE® examinations have been posted online.
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::December 6, 2019
Scores for the October 2019 Part III CSE and ISE examinations have been posted online.
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Scores for the September 2019 Part III CSE and ISE examinations have been posted online.
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Score Viewing Dates

Score reports are typically posted for viewing within 5-7 weeks following the complete administration of an examination. Please note that score reports consist of a candidate's entire examination history.

Scores will be
available for viewing
no later than
Scores Posted Date
March (Part I)
May 08, 2020
April (Part II, TMOD®)
May 22, 2020
June (ACMO®)
July 31, 2020
August 09, 2019
August (Part I)
September 25, 2020
December (Part II, TMOD®)
January 24, 2020
January 24, 2020
Part III
*, **

* Part III and LSPE Scores Viewing Schedule:
Month exam taken Scores released in the first full week of
August October
September November
October December
November January
December February
January March
February April
March May
April June
May July
June August
July September
**Please note that if you take LSPE in August, your score release may take longer than the typical timeframe due to this being a new exam

Release of Scores

Score reports will be released as follows:

1. To the candidates. Scores can be viewed online. Scores will not be released over the telephone, fax, or email.

2. To the optometric institutions. One score report will be issued, at no charge, to the candidate's optometric institution if the candidate authorizes release of the scores during registration.

3. To the state boards. Upon confirmation of graduation by the school/college to the NBEO® and completion of all Parts, the National Board will release a free cumulative score report to the state board(s) you selected during your registration for Part III. You may update the list at anytime before the release to the state board by clicking here.

4a. To all online state law exam (OSLE®) candidates except Florida. Candidates need to contact their respective state boards to find out when their online state law exam (OSLE®) scores will be released by state boards. NBEO® only administers these state law exams; state boards determine the pass/fail cutoff score and release the scores. A score of an online state law exam administered by the NBEO® must be obtained directly from that state board; it will not appear on the NBEO® Score Report.

4b. To all Florida online state law exam (OSLE®) candidates. Though the Florida Department of Health sets the pass/fail cutoff score, Florida OSLE® scores are available only from the NBEO® website. Instructions to look up FL OSLE® scores are available on the OSLE® webpage of the NBEO® website.

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