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::August 28, 2015
Scores for the July 2015 Part III CSE and ISE examinations have been posted online.
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::August 19, 2015
Registration for the March 2016 Part I ABS examination is now available.
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::July 22, 2015
Scores for the June 2015 ACMO examination have been posted online.
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::July 9, 2015
National Board to Administer the Florida Optometry Laws and Rules Examination
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::July 2, 2015
CSE and ISE Orientation Videos for 2016 have been posted online.
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::June 25, 2015
2016 Candidate Evaluation Forms and Guide are now available online.
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::May 12, 2015
Scores for the April 2015 Part II PAM and TMOD examinations have been posted online.
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::April 29, 2015
Scores for the March 2015 CPDO examination have been posted online.
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::March 20, 2015
Registration for the September 2015 CPDO examination is now available.
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::February 27, 2015
Dr. Jack Terry named Chief Executive Officer of the National Board of Examiners in Optometry.
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::February 13, 2014
Registration for the Part III CSE and ISE examination is now open for the class of 2016.
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::December 10, 2014
Exam Schedules for 2016 have been posted online.
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National Board of Examiners in Optometry

Mission Statement: To serve the public and the profession of optometry by developing, administering, scoring, and reporting results of valid examinations that assess competence.

The NBEO website was designed to provide comprehensive information about the National Board’s examinations. Its purpose is to help answer your questions and to assist you in learning about and preparing for your licensing and self-assessment examinations. We urge you to carefully study the information on this website.

Florida Online State Law Exam (OSLE)

The NBEO now is administering the Florida Optometry Laws and Rules Examination.

Over the summer, the testing venue for this exam was relocated from Prometric test facilities across the country to the NBEO testing facility in Charlotte, NC. Though there was a month-long overlap of testing availability shared between Prometric and the NBEO, this temporary phase has concluded. All Florida optometry jurisprudence exams now are given at the NBEO’s National Center of Clinical Testing in Optometry (NCCTO) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Florida optometry licensure applicants may register on this NBEO website for the Florida Optometry Laws and Rules Examination. Online NBEO registration for this exam is now open 24/7. Typically, there are 8 appointment slots available per testing day. While registering, the testing appointment is chosen through use of the online scheduling calendar embedded within the registration process. If Florida OSLE scheduling problems are encountered, examinees may call the NBEO (704.332.9565) or may email the NBEO (

Fourth-year optometry students who are interested in Florida licensure are encouraged to sign up for and take the Florida online state law exam (OSLE) during their Part III CSE visit to Charlotte.

Non-student ODs who are considering Florida licensure carefully should review the eligibility requirements for Florida licensure before signing up for the non-refundable Florida OSLE.

Additional information about the Florida law exam is available on the OSLE webpage, on the NBEO website. Questions not covered on the OSLE webpage can be sent to

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