Today is:  January 26, 2020
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The NBEO® is soliciting digital ocular images for use in our PAM® and ACMO® examinations. We would appreciate receiving your high-quality images of normal or interesting eye cases. Since PAM® targets entry-level expertise, images of normal eyes, corneas, retinas, lenses, conjunctivas, and patients wearing spectacles or contact lenses are always needed. Images of common eye disorders also are used in the PAM® exam, while images of more unusual, more sophisticated ocular disease/trauma cases are useful for the ACMO® exam. In all cases, we particularly need paired images OD, OS.

If your great, digital, ocular photos are doing nothing more than taking up space in your hard drive, consider assisting the NBEO® in exam development. Simply email your images in .JPG to We will return to you acknowledgement of your donation along with a statement giving us permission to use your image in a test booklet. Please note that any photos selected for inclusion in our image depository can no longer be used in other capacities such as for continuing education courses or publications as they become the property of the NBEO®. Upon submission of 10 images that are used in active exam cases, you will receive a Certificate of Appreciation for serving as an NBEO® Image Provider.

Along with your images, if you wish, we also would appreciate receiving from you any case details that may augment the use of your photos. Though case demographics are NOT REQUIRED with image submission, they may be sent to us in the same email as your images, in a format of your choice. We welcome submission of the most basic case information or an extensive case description, or the image(s) only.

In addition, NBEO® is always seeking assistance from item writers and case authors. If this type of service to the optometric profession appeals to you, please email the NBEO® at and we will contact you to determine the manner in which you wish to contribute to NBEO® exam development.

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