Today is:  January 24, 2020
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  Part I (ABS®) Committee/Council Members (2019-2020)
  Drew Aldrich, O.D. - Kennewick, WA
  Angela Chen, O.D. - Fullerton, CA
  Karl Citek, O.D., Ph.D. - Forest Grove, OR
  Julie DeKinder, O.D. – St. Louis, MO
  Amy Dinardo, O.D. - Big Rapids, MI
  Adam Gordon, O.D. - Birmingham, AL
  Christian Guier, O.D. - Jacksonville, FL
  Christopher Lowe, O.D. - Glenview, AZ
  Carolyn Majcher, O.D. – Tahlequah, OK
  Kelly Malloy, O.D. - Philadelphia, PA
  Muriel Martinez, O.D. - Houston, TX
  Tracy Nguyen, O.D., Ph.D. - New York, NY
  Nicole Patterson, O.D. - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  Dan Roberts, O.D. - Chicago, IL
  Charles Roseman, O.D. - Sandusky, OH
  Diane Russo, O.D. - Boston, MA
  Christina Wilmer, O.D. - Berkeley, CA
  Phil Yuhas, O.D., Ph.D – Columbus, OH
  Board Liaisons
  Marla Moon, O.D.
  Michael Ohlson, O.D
  Part II (PAM®) Committee/Council Members (2019-2020)
  Rachel Caywood, O.D. - Oklahoma City, OK
  Kimberly Cooper, O.D. – South Bend, IN
  Sarah Cordes, O.D. - The Villages, FL
  William Denton, O.D. - Charleston, SC
  Stanley W. Hatch, O.D., M.P.H. - Plattsburgh, NY
  Kristine Hopkins, O.D. - Birmingham, AL
  Elli Kollbaum, O.D. - Bloomington, IN
  Susan Kovacich, O.D. - Bloomington, IN
  James Kundart - Forest Grove, OR
  Jeff Miller, O.D. - Tahlequah, OK
  Joan Miller, O.D. - Hillsboro, OR
  Dawn Pewitt, O.D. - Grove, OK
  Nathan Roland, O.D. - Portland, OR
  Angel Simmons, O.D. - ST. Louis, MO
  Yin Tea, O.D. – Fort Lauderdale, FL
  Long Tran, O.D. - Jacksonville, FL
  Anthony Van Alstine, O.D. – Columbia, SC
  Greg Waldorf, O.D. - Cranston, RI
  Timothy H. Welton, O.D. - Anaheim, CA
  Board Liaisons
  Michael Ohlson, O.D.
  Elizabeth Hoppe, O.D., M.P.H., Dr. P.H.
  Part III (CSE®) Committee/Council Members (2019-2020)
  Rosine Alianakian, O.D. - Brick, NJ
  James Aylward, O.D. - Westborough, MA
  Juan Canizales, O.D. - Charlotte, NC
  Sakesha Caston, O.D. - Charlotte, NC
  Roger Ede, O.D. - Honolulu, HI
  Kim Even, O.D. - King of Prussia, PA
  John Gialousakis, O.D. - Chicago, IL
  Eric Harris, O.D. - University City, GA
  Dennis Light, O.D. - Dayton, OH
  Jeffrey Mitchell, O.D. - Wagoner, OK
  Anne Moy, O.D. - Berkeley, CA
  Todd Peabody, O.D. Bloomington, IN
  Kelly Thomann, O.D. - Montrose, NY
  Jim Williamson, O.D. - Hernando, MS
  Board Liaison
  Marla Moon, O.D.
  Advanced Competence in Medical Optometry (ACMO®) Committee/Council Members (2019)
  Michelle Marciniak, O.D. - Chicago, IL
  William Prunty, O.D. - Oswego, OR
  Glenn Saxon, O.D. - Memphis, TN
  Sara Schamerloh, O.D. - Ft. Wayne, IN
  Andrew Weibel, O.D. - Columbus, OH
  Nancy Wong, O.D., Ph.D. - Salisbury, NC
  Board Liaison
  Karla Zadnik, O.D., Ph. D.
  Continuing Professional Development in Optometry (CPDO®) Committee/Council Members (2019)
  Brett J. King, O.D. - Bloomington, IN
  Victor Malinovsky, O.D., F.A.A.O. - Bloomington, IN
  Leonard Oshinskie, O.D. - Newington, CT
  Dawn R. Pewitt, O.D. - Grove, OK
  Timothy H. Welton, O.D. - Anaheim, CA
  Nancy N. Wong, O.D., Ph.D., F.A.A.O. - Salisbury, NC
  Board Liaison
  John Sicotte, M.B.A.
  LASER and Surgical Procedures Committee/Council Members (2020)
  Jeff Anastasio, O.D. - Covington, LA
  Rex Ballinger, O.D. - Baltimore, MD
  Rich Castillo, O.D, D.O. - Tahlequah, OK
  Cliff Caudill, O.D. - Pikeville, KY
  Michelle Dent, O.D. - Wichita, KS
  Austin Lifferth, O.D. – Warsaw, IN
  Board Liaison
  Jerry Richt, O.D.
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