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Registration for the Part III CSE and ISE examination is now open for the class of 2016.
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Part III CSE & ISE Registration Information


All 50 States require a passing score on the Part III CSE exam. Florida and North Carolina do require a specific number of raw points for certain skills. Candidates are encouraged to contact their individual states to determine state-specific requirements.

Registration usually opens by February 15th of each year.

Students who will be in their final year of school (as verified by the individual school) may register to take the CSE exam beginning on August 1st or later. Sponsored candidates must pass Parts I and II before taking Part III. Please review Eligibility Requirements for additional information.

On occasion, additional exam sessions can be opened. This is not a guarantee and is dependent upon the test center schedule. You can send an email to with dates that you are requesting to take the exam to see if anything can be opened. But remember, there is no guarantee that your preferred date/time will be an option.

Candidates can only have one registration for CSE in the system. Once you have completed the initial scheduled exam, you can register again, as long as it is not within the same month as the previous registration.

If a Candidate has taken CSE and needs to re-take the exam, there is no wait-time to register. The only exception is that Candidates cannot take the exam twice in the same month. So if you took CSE in October, you could take it again in November.


Outside of 30 days before exam date:

  • Candidates may reschedule their exam without incurring any rescheduling fees 31 or more days before the scheduled exam date.
  • This change can be done online, by the candidate, by accessing their NBEO account at: Check My Registration

Within 30 days of exam date:

  • Candidates who want to reschedule their exam date 30 days or less before the scheduled exam date cannot make the change themselves.
  • Any changes within 30 days of an exam date will incur a $150 rescheduling fee.
  • The rescheduling fee can be paid online at Reschedule Exam.
    • Select "CSE" for Exam Type.
    • Select "Reschedule Exam" for Appeal Type.
    • In justification, list the reason why the exam needs to be rescheduled.
    • In requested action, list the preferred date and time to reschedule the exam to (exam dates/times not guaranteed – if the date/time selected is not available, Staff will work with the Candidate to coordinate a date/time).
  • After the fee is paid, NBEO/NCCTO staff will contact the Candidate to confirm the rescheduling of the exam date..

Reschedule fee exceptions:

  • For CSE, the only acceptable reasons for rescheduling without incurring a fee are situations which are beyond your or our control. If a Candidate feels their situation is an acceptable reason that falls into one of the categories below, they should submit documentation with their request to reschedule. The National Board will consider the requests but cannot guarantee the fee will be waived as it will depend on the circumstance.
  • An example of an acceptable reason for reschedule would be:

    • Unexpected Accident
    • Illness
    • Death or Illness of Immediate Family Member
    • Flight Cancellation
    • Weather-Related Incidents (ie: blizzard, storm that grounds transportation, etc)
    • Military Orders


  • Candidates withdrawing from CSE will forfeit their examination fee.
  • To withdraw, send an email to outlining the following information:
    • Candidate Name:
    • OE Tracker #:
    • Date Scheduled:
    • Exam Scheduled: CSE
    • Site Location: Charlotte
    • Statement requesting a full withdraw from CSE


  • The National Board reserves the right to add or cancel a test session at any time. In the event an exam is canceled, Candidates will be informed as soon as possible. If an exam is canceled, staff will work with Candidates to reschedule the exam date.
  • In the event of poor weather that inhibits the exam from occurring, Candidates will be informed as soon as possible. If weather conditions prohibit a Candidate from traveling to the exam, the Candidate should contact the NCCTO as soon as possible to coordinate a reschedule of their exam.


  • Student candidates are permitted to take Part III starting August of the year prior to graduation. However, an individual candidate's official score report containing Part III scores will not be released until the National Board has received official notification that the candidate has graduated. Also, no official score reports containing Part III scores will be released to any candidate until the posted date for Release of Score Reports.

Additional information can be found under the FAQs Page.

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