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Online State Law Exams (OSLEs)

Some optometry licensure Candidates may be required to take a state-board-prepared examination regarding the statutes, rules, and regulations that govern the practice of optometry in that state. Since January 2010, NBEO has offered the Online State Law Exam (OSLE) program to assist some state boards by administering their state law exams in an online version through the NBEO website. As a candidate takes the law exam (except for South Dakota exam), the NBEO website provides a link to the chosen state optometry board website, which in turn serves as a reference source for the candidate by presenting the optometry laws specific to that state. Candidates must obtain an official OSLE score directly from that state board. Law exam scores do not appear on the NBEO Official Score Report.

The states currently requiring an online state law examination administered by the National Board are listed below. Click on any of the states below to obtain additional information and requirements specific to each state.


For some states (Texas and North Dakota), candidates must register with BOTH the state optometry board AND the NBEO, to be eligible to take the online state optometry law exam through the NBEO. To view individual state requirements, please click on the states above.

While state board OSLEs are administered through the NBEO website, the National Board claims no responsibility for the content or official scoring of any state board examination. State optometry boards dictate all rules for the dissemination of optometry law exam scores.

OSLE Instructions

Candidates may request on the application screen to register for one or more ONLINE state optometry law examinations (OSLEs). Candidates are cautioned to register for OSLEs carefully because there is a non-refundable fee of $25 for each state law exam*. Typically, candidates who are registering for the Part I exam should not sign up for an OSLE.

*Texas OSLE Candidates should note that beginning January 1, 2015, there will be a $30 late fee imposed when registering for the Texas law exam outside the published registration interval.

OSLEs can be taken in two different formats:

  1. Open-book, online format; on any Internet-connected computer of the Candidate's choice
  2. Proctored, closed-book format; at the National Center of Clinical Testing in Optometry (NCCTO) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

In the open-book, online OSLE format chosen by some state optometry boards (Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, Oregon, and West Virginia), Candidates are able to take their required state law exam(s) at any time on any Internet-connected computer. Other state boards (Texas) may define specific registration and testing time intervals. Rules that apply to specific OSLEs can be viewed by clicking on the states listed above.

Once an open-book OSLE is accessed on the NBEO website and is initiated, it may be paused as needed at the Candidate's discretion by signing out of the OSLE webpage. The exam repeatedly may be re-accessed until the testing time window is exhausted. To resume the exam following a paused break or if a Candidate's computer times out, the Candidate may return to the NBEO Online State Law Exam page, click on ACCESS MY EXAM, and the exam will reappear exactly as it was when the pause was initiated or when the computer timed out.

During the exam, questions will appear on the computer screen one at a time. Candidates may advance to the next question as they progress through the exam and may choose, at any time, to return to any previously answered question. This OSLE format provides a link to the posted state optometry laws, which may be viewed during the exam to search for correct item responses.

For open-book OSLEs that are open year-round, Candidates have 14 days to complete their exams once they log onto the OSLE program and initiate their exams. If a state (such as Texas) has specific testing time intervals, the number of days available to complete an exam is variable; i.e., 14 days or less, depending on when a Candidate begins an exam within the posted testing time window. The time remaining to complete an exam is visible to the Candidate at all times in the upper right corner of every active exam screen.

Proctored, closed-book OSLEs are administered only at the Part III CSE testing center (NCCTO) in Charlotte. These ONLINE law exams (as given by South Dakota) are intended to allow Candidates the convenience of taking their state law exams during the same visit to Charlotte, North Carolina during which they take their Part III CSE. Proctored law exams involve a specific exam appointment at the NCCTO, with a defined start and stop time. Please click on the South Dakota link above to review the registration procedure.

Exam presentation for this exam format is identical to the open-book process in that questions will appear on the computer monitor one at a time. Candidates may advance to the next question or return to completed questions as they progress through the exam, within the allowed testing interval (e.g., 2 hours). However, information found within state optometry laws is NOT available to Candidates during the exam in this type of OSLE.

For ALL OSLEs, to complete an online state law exam and ensure that the chosen state optometry board receives the exam results, SCORE MY EXAM must be clicked when a candidate has finished taking and reviewing the exam. For all OSLEs, a Candidate will see an unofficial score upon exam completion. Notification of a Candidate’s official score will be sent to the Candidate by the appropriate state board office. Click on the specific states above to view special scoring rules, if any exist.

Click here to register for an online state law exam.
Click here to log onto the online state law exam system.

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